Four reasons to hate Federer.


It is quite obvious that since the affable brazilian semi-retired in 2004 (shortly after thumping the ego-king in Roland Garros) there hasn’t been a worthy champion in tennis. Federer has managed to make most of this conspicuous absence of a champion to add meaningless grand slam titles to his name – most notably, the overrated Wimbledon. Since scores of paper and bandwidth have been wasted in comparing Federer with another equally presumptuous prick – Sampras, whose definition of a great forehand is pushing it in faster than most pushers in tennis and considering the consensus is already reached on Sampras’ inadequacy in handling top spin off the backhand, I shall just list my top four reasons to hate Federer:

  • Federer’s fans. They are worse than the mormon’s cult, spewing out statistics on Grand Slam titles and his idol-worthiness involuntarily. More than half of them don’t watch tennis outside of semifinals of Grandslams and have no idea of the incredible variety of brilliant players that ATP has to offer.
  • Miroslava Vavrinec, a.k.a Mirka, who is a bad advertisement for all the incredibly beautiful slavic women out there. And the cameramen who are insistent on aggravating the misery of Federer’s domination by focusing on that fat slob every time Federer wins. More on Mirka later.
  • The way he backtracks from his original rhetoric to be politically correct. Case in point-His initial and subsequent contradictory views on Nadal and Djokovic.
  • His assumption that a declaration of being in love with Gasquet’s game, because it reminds him of a prick 5 years ago, will absolve him of owning up to the glaring inadequacies in his own game.

p.s. affable brazilian – Gustavo Kuerten and Ego-King – Mr. Federer.

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