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So it happens that I am allowed to ridicule players without ever having to win a Grand Slam myself, but should construct a nice argument to back up my point. Nice try sam, but good luck searching for a reader that feeds you only Nilu’s and avataram’s posts.

Now on to the the post itself.

Robert Dee is my hero, but Smeets came very close to knocking him off the perch two days ago. Now I hate the Aussies, especially when they are from Queensland and taller than 180 cm, but anyone who can take a game off Berdych serving at 46% and still manage to lose inside an hour surely deserves a pat on the back. The last thing Berdych needs is another juicy bagel while humping Safarova.

Also Kohlschreiber found that not everybody on tour plays like Roddick.

Gasquet decided to spare himself of the humiliation of losing to the worst French player by pulling out at the last moment. Apparently, Gasquet woke up with a broken knee on the day of the match.

Meanwhile, good friend Baghdatis is giving Gasquet some nice company by losing to an Italian who almost lost to a desi in the last Grand Slam.

Some nice revenge for Soderling too, thrashing the Nadal wannabe, Monaco, who has decided to sue Tsonga for his early withdrawal leaving him as the unlucky 13th seed. I am beginning to suspect that he might have a point after the could-have-been 13th seed Robredo played far above his natural grinding style to beat the former clay great Coria.

And Nadal looks like walking into a repeat of what he thinks cost him last year’s Wimbledon. Not sure if the French hate him enough to cram 3 matches inside 3 days, against Youzhny, Nalbandian and Djokovic. Seems to me its Federer’s best chance to win the French Open with a cup cake draw this year.

I have a feeling it will be Davydenko this time. Long time since we’ve had a bald Grand Slam champion.

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