Itchy Skin Rash


Occurrence of itchy skin rash is truly terrible. Itchy Skin Rash causes discomfort as well as insecurity especially if the rashes are very visible on the skin. Also, it is not very appealing in the eye. Thus if any person gets itchy skin rashes it is necessary to remove it as soon as possible.  Skin rashes can happen at different body parts like armpit rash is pretty common.

Itchy Skin Rash

Skin rashes itching are caused by different things and the understanding the cause of it will aid on how to get rid of it. Common causes of itchy skin rashes are bacteria, fungus, and virus

The most common skin rashes that are caused by virus are measles, chicken pox and roseola. Varicella-zoster virus causes shingles that is common on most adults.


A common knowledge on the onset of skin rash is caused by bacteria. A skin rash sometimes indicates the bacteria have started entering the body. The appearance of skin rash is sometimes a symptom of some illness like in the case of scarlet fever. Skin rashes on skin are sometime because of skin condition like intertrigo.


Common skin disease cause by fungal infection is ringworm and athlete’s foot. Fungi which is one of the common cause for skin rashes lives on warm moist areas, thus portion on your body that are sweaty and hot is the perfect place where fungal infection can occur.

Now that you have already had an idea of what are the causes of the itchy skin rashes you will have an idea on how you can deal with it. It is essential that before you apply any treatment to your skin rash, it is advised that you determine the cause on why a skin rash appeared. With the understanding on its cause, this will be helpful on determining the kind of treatment you are going to use.

There many ways on how to get rid of some common rash. One method is to use natural methods and the other is to use synthetic medication. To get rid of some common skin rash, hydrocortisone creams as well as oral antihistamines can be used.

Another effective method on dealing with the itchiness of as skin rash is to use a cold compress on the area affected by the skin rash. Milk that is not skimmed and is cold can also be used in curing the itchiness of the rash.

There are also many items in your house that you can use to treat certain skin rash. However, you need to determine how severe the skin rash is. If the skin rash can never be cured for some time then you have to see a doctor and have it examined.

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