Notebook of a return to my native land


Read this special piece on NRIs returning to India. It should not have been written, and even if it has been, it should not have been read. I could have rather spent an evening re-reading Aimé Césaire´s  “Notebook of a Return to my Native Land”

Brain Drain is an over-used concept. It appears to imply that the average IQ of the Indian immigrant to the USA is significantly greater than the average IQ of the person who stays behind. While this might definitely have been the case in the early 70s, I am not sure it is any longer the case. The software boom has definitely trickled down to the morons. In some strange version of the dutch disease, the ease of getting an H1B visa has made mental processes redundant in most Indians abroad.

Indians define their culture by two great taboos. Food and Sex. What you put inside your body has to be Indian. These taboos, buried in the unconscious, flare up when you have kids. You have to ensure that your daughter toes the line with these taboos. Sons may have more leeway, if they are not gay.

The only truthful reason I can give if I return to India, is that I have not succeeded to the extent I expected. That, my failure is better hidden in a country with a population of over a billion poor people than three hundred million rich people. That I have not made any friends in the US, other than a pretzel lady and some taxi drivers. That I long for the kind service of poorly paid Indian serfs, to brighten my evening years  All that, and the taboos.

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