Safin, Davy


It’s a miracle that Safin continues to make the main draw at Grand Slams, but he will meet my man, Davydenko, in the next round.

Keen readers will be quick to note that I tipped Davydenko to have the dirtiest pair of trousers at the end of RG, and hence it must follow that Safin will be thumped by nice bald Davy.

But things are rarely so simple in tennis, just as in life. Matches are not won just by the players on the court, but also by their support staff in the stands.

Why else does Federer tag Mirka along with him? She is equal to two men. Of course, Novak’s parents and his brother outnumbered her at the Australian Open and Federer had to hire Jose Higueras for extra support, but then she served her purpose for four long years.

Safin may change his girlfriend as fast as he changes his racquets, but unlike his racquets he picks his girlfriends with care. The last time these two met was more than 12 months ago, when Safin turned up without a girlfriend or a coach, and was blitzed away by Davy who had recently married Irina.

This time, though, Safin is fully prepared with a girlfriend so hot she burnt the rain drops at RG before they fell on the ground today. Irina too, if one chooses to believe his sources, has been doing her bit and is reportedly determined to show that one night stands are not stronger than marriages.

It promises to be a spectacular sideshow to an already enthralling contest befitting a second round at RG.

I just hope that Davy makes it somehow, because though I fell in love with Safin’s current girlfriend, I bet my ass on Davy to win RG even before the draw was announced.

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