Tennis and Jagadguru


I watch tennis for 10 years and wonder what makes some players more successful than others. Now, tennis is a simple game. So there’s no way that one player can be miles ahead of the competition in terms of ability.

Here’s when I let Jagadguru enlighten my soul with the simple truth that the playing field is not level. Federer, for instance, has been this rich kid who played Challengers and Futures level with nothing to lose. Result – The prick attitude that he is somehow better than everybody. Proof – The way he cried after he lost to Henman because his next door millionaire aunt, who told him that he would rule the world was watching him when he lost to a veteran who forgot how to volley.

Roddick strengthens this theory even more. I mean, how else can anyone explain this player’s constant presence in the top 5. Sampras has been more forthright about it when he said he wasn’t trying to be the top junior, but a top pro.

While all this happens, a player from Argentina works hard through his Challengers and Futures and Juniors, making Federer his bitch in the process and saving up money to travel to the next tournament because his government hardly had enough money to keep the currency printer running. And when he finally makes it at pro level, receives so much money that he can’t help avoiding an exponential increase in consumption of  burgers and let Federer win those pointless Grand Slams. The player is David Nalbandian, ofcourse.

The entire system supports rich kids like Federer and Sampras or the govt sponsored kids like Gasquet and Murray. Thank you Jagadguru for opening my eyes to the truth that Tennis is like life. Record holders are like billionaires whose only role is to sustain popular interest in the game. Now I can concentrate my energy on solving the Federer-Davis Cup puzzle.

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