what to expect in 2008.


He’s just had his first full year without any major injury on the ATP and thanks to insipid performances by fellow ATP mugs managed to finish in the top 8. The next year, though should be a lot more challenging. He has almost no points to defend until Wimbledon and could be making his way into top 5 by the end of next year if he keeps up the aggression he showed towards the end of this year. His brilliant clay court game should take him to atleast one masters series title. Or even sweet, a French Open.

The biggest mug there is. But thanks to his bandana, long hair, muscles and primal screams, he comes across as someone with a lot of intensity. Sadly none of it shows in the defensive tennis he plays and makes it a pain to watch. He should probably win the French Open again, unless Gasquet steps it up. As for the other tournaments, he’ll make sure that his opponents spend a lot of time on the court with his time wasting tactics even if he loses the match. He should hold his number 2 ranking next year.

The biggest surprise of this year may not have a successful next year. Unimaginative play, excessive aggression and losing of his mojo should push him a couple of ranks down but there’s always his injury time out tactic that saved him from atleast 4 important games this year. I only hope he uses that with discretion. And its time he tells his parents not to mouth off about him being more talented than Federer. He’s not even close.

Who cares about this prick anymore.

Along with Murray – injury, form and motivation included, is the man likely to finish inside the top 3 next year. Clearly has one of the best backhands on the planet Earth and an aggressive return of serve and almost no known weakness except a penchant for having burgers between sets. Its time he won a grandslam.

Clearly the most improved player in the later half of the year. It remains to be seen if it was a flash in the pan.

Honourable mentions to Baghdatis, Ancic and Monaco for completing the top 10.

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